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No one is meant to do this alone.

Without strong voices and decisive action, it’s impossible to affect change.


Leading change is hard, especially when you have red tape, state testing, resistant board members or limited funding to work around. I’ve been there and conquered that, several times over and can help you do the same.


Through consulting, masterminding, coalitions and community, we’re making an impact on education today—and in the future.


Education Evolution Consulting


There is no cookie cutter model for our learners. Nor is there for the innovative and equitable schools we create.



AIM: Assessment & Innovation Module
3 hour-long sessions
AIM is particularly good if you know deep in your heart that you want to make change happen.



SET: Strategic Evolution Tier
5 hour-long sessions
SET is particularly good for those who have resources aligned and are ready to dive into creating a new school program or model.



ACT: Advanced Creative Transformation
7 hour-long sessions
ACT is particularly good for those wanting to go from idea to creation to opening the doors on their new program, school, or innovation.

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