Three Steps for Starting Your Own Micro-School
July 21, 2020
starting own micro school

Parents across the country are looking for short-term (or permanent) solutions for school for their kids this fall. They’re worried about sending their children back to a public school for fear that there aren’t enough safety precautions in place. Or they still haven’t heard about schools opening in their area so they’re preparing for online learning.

A lot of parents are taking matters into their own hands and working with their friends and neighbors to develop their own micro-school–something that will give them a voice in how to educate their children while giving them more freedom than homeschooling allows.

No matter where you stand on masks, school openings or safety, many decisions are out of your hands. But when it comes to micro-schools, you can be in the driver’s seat.

First, there’s a lot to do to get ready. Have you thought about logistics, safety, transportation, routines, curriculum…and so much more? On this episode of the Education Evolution podcast, I’m sharing three steps you need to take when starting your own micro-school and five questions you need to ask yourself. Listen in!

Are you looking to start a micro-school of your own? Join me for a free information session to answer your questions and give you all the to-do’s to get started. Sign up for one of three upcoming sessions.

Jump Through the Conversation

[1:30] What is a micro-school?
[2:48] Three questions to define a mission
[4:42] Getting the word out
[6:06] How to differentiate your school
[6:53] Five questions to hone your model
[11:26] Your Magic Wand vision for schools of the future that serve all learners

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