Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Micro-School

Creating Micro-Schools for Our Colorful Mismatched Kids: A Step-by-Step Process that Empowers Frustrated Parents to Innovate Education will guide you through this process. If you are a parent or educator, Part One will resonate as you hear your story echoed in the description of our broken system, diverse and colorful kids, and hope through tribes of caring adults creating micro-schools. Part Two tells you in detail the seven steps you need to open a transformative micro-school in less than a year. Part Three tells you how the author has done these steps herself in her Seattle micro-school. Worksheets are provided to help you create your Action Plan and start your micro-school.

Open your micro-school and be a part of the micro-school community that is transforming education for our youth!


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Creating Micro-Schools

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