Encouraging Online Engagement from Students with Lori Moore
November 17, 2020

Learning in the 21st century is so much different than what it used to be, for students, educators, and even families. As an educator, you may find it more difficult than ever before to connect with your students. We know that different kids learn differently, so what can be done to support this?

One good thing going on in the world right now is that there are lots of creative options available in education so that we can make learning work for all kids.

Lori Moore from Kids Connected joins me on the podcast to discuss how we can make this happen and how we can encourage online engagement from students during virtual schooling. Lori provides tips and tools that both educators and parents can use to help support both the student and family during these times. She knows that the education children receive must focus on the whole student in order for them to thrive.

About Lori Moore:

Lori Moore has 17 years experience in public education and is shifting to become the education director of Kids Connected. Lori has experience in public schools, virtual learning, and homeschooling, and is excited to create an educational experience that supports the whole family. She is developing a program with Kids Connected that focuses on the whole student and gives them lifelong success.

You can learn more about Lori and Kids Connected by visiting their website, reading their blog, and following them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Jump Through the Conversation:

[2:35] Kids Connected field trips and homeschool classes
[6:42] Lori’s “why:” I saw what I wanted to change in education
[7:52] Parent tips for student engagement
[12:55] Teacher tips for student engagement
[17:52] Lori’s Magic Wand x 3:
That all students experience learning in a setting that allows them to thrive
That all students are able to connect with their teachers
That all teachers continue to seek ongoing professional development to connect with students
[20:02] Maureen’s reflection on the three parts of Lori’s magic wand wish

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