Micro-School Shortcut: Schools and Business, Pivot and Open a Micro-School
October 13, 2020
micro-school shortcut

Opening a micro-school is no easy task; it’s a business with all the cogs and parts involved in any business. There’s funding to think about, location, support staff and teachers. But there’s a shortcut available, especially for those with a relationship to an existing school or business.

This is actually how I opened my first micro-school, a school-within-a-school, in a large Washington State high school. The facility, money, teachers, students, and other resources were already there. I just needed to reconfigure the learning model to fit my group of learners.

This episode of the Education Evolution podcast includes examples of how you might take a shortcut when opening your own micro-school, why you might want to open a micro-school, and what you should do first (or next).

And to get started on your own, grab a copy of my book or book a call with me. I have firsthand knowledge and experience in starting and running successful micro-schools across the globe.

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[4:05] Why have a school-within-a-school?
[7:01] Why it is important to get smaller and more personalized
[10:11] Five steps to take
[12:29] My Magic Wand: Be the Change

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