Finding Joy in Learning Through Online Tools with Shaunak Roy
January 10, 2023
Finding Joy in Learning Through Online Tools with Shaunak Roy

Online learning is no longer a novelty that’s all about checking boxes and “getting through the material.” Because of innovations in technology, there are so many possibilities to create truly engaging learning experiences and to foster a joy of learning for both students and teachers.

This week on the podcast, I’m talking with Shaunak Roy, CEO of Yellowdig where they’re helping K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and corporations create truly experiential learning experiences and active learning opportunities for all.

Born out of a desire to create educational transformation, Shaunak’s online learning tools are helping to build community within an asynchronous environment where students are rewarded for asking questions and taking risks, rather than regurgitating the “right” answers. Because human nature is to be creative, and online has the potential to grow students’ creativity without the limitations of time in a classroom.

Tune in to be inspired and see how half a million students at more than 130 schools and organizations are currently enjoying the growth that’s possible with the right online learning tool.

About Shaunak Roy:

Shaunak is the founder and CEO of Yellowdig. Yellowdig is a community-driven active learning platform adopted by over 130 colleges and universities, K12 schools, and corporate training clients. Yellowdig’s mission is to transform every classroom into an active, social, and experiential learning community. Shaunak graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay and completed his graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior to founding Yellowdig, Shaunak spent a decade advising global companies on technology, strategy, and growth.

Jump in the Conversation:

[1:28] – Where school transformation began for Shanauk
[3:07] – Kids learn best when they’re active and engaged
[4:09] – The best way for students to learn is to use the digital tools they have intentionally
[5:15] – What we need to build engagement online
[6:50] – Constructivism is a model for discovery learning
[7:21] – How Yellowdig is creating an online experiential experience
[9:15] – Shifting the roles for teachers
[10:48] – Adding in a live component to asynchronous learning
[13:56] – Grading posts and comments defeats the purpose of engagement
[14:27] – Learning how to “do school” doesn’t translate into real life
[17:28] – Human nature is to be creative; we need to use that in the virtual classroom
[20:12] – Advice for parents and young adults exploring online education
[20:38] – A big advantage of online learning is that there’s no time restriction
[21:58] – Turbo Time
[23:25] – What people need to know about engagement in learning
[24:25] – Shaunak’s passion in Yellowdig
[25:53] – Shaunak’s Magic Wand
[27:10] – Maureen’s Takeaways

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