Examining Polarity Thinking with Lindsay Y. Burr
June 8, 2021
Examining Polarity Thinking with Lindsay Y. Burr

As passionate leaders in the education evolution, is our either-or perspective on education reform holding us back? Or even worse, is our commitment to our own vision creating a divisive reality instead of the inclusive and equitable future we hope for?

Today on the podcast, we are exploring how to shift from either-or thinking to a both-and perspective to find a greater purpose and educational future for everyone involved.

My guest is Lindsay Burr, CEO of Yarbrough Group and expert on polarity thinking, multi-generational workplaces, and creating inclusive environments through conflict resolution. She is applying her expertise to education reform and showing us a new, inclusive, way to create the change we’re looking for.

Listen in!


About Lindsay Y. Burr

Lindsay Burr is the CEO of Yarbrough Group and presents truth while creating a safe space to assist clients in discerning action steps that fit their needs, budgets, and mission. Her focus has been on helping organizations and people set and achieve goals that are tied to meaningful work. Her specialty is on the millennial perspectives on the multi-generational workplace, leadership, polarities, DEIB (diversity, education, inclusion, belonging), and high functioning teams. Lindsay has also developed and implemented pieces of training in corporate, non-profit, union, medical and military settings.

Based in Washington, DC, much of Lindsay’s background is politically focused. Lindsay worked with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in governance where she created learning and best practice sharing opportunities for members of parliament from over 20 countries so their institutions could accomplish the goals of the government in innovative ways. Lindsay’s Masters of Science at George Mason University’s School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution focused on post-violent conflict reconstruction. 

Learn more about the Yarbrough Group on their website or by following them on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.


Jump Through the Conversation

  • [6:26] Getting to the heart of polarity thinking 
  • [10:25] Questions that get past the continuity vs. evolution conflict in schools
  • [14:49] Questions that help parents discern their real goals for their children
  • [18:22] Nobel Peace Prize polarity thinking with diverse perspectives (Tunisia)
  • [22:03] Creating inclusive conversations around education reform
  • [45:02] Lindsay’s Magic Wand: for her child (and our youth) to fully be herself and find acceptance and worthiness from that space
  • [47:43] Maureen’s Take-Aways

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