We are a collective of educational innovators focused on transforming education to a more human-centered, student-driven, real-world learning environment designed with learners at the center of every decision.

EdActive Summit 2021

JUNE 21-24

Speakers Include:

Trace Prickering, IowaBig
Neil Phillips, Visible Man Academy
Meg Ormiston, Ed tech innovator and Solution Tree author
Scottie Nash, ADL–No Place for Hate Schools
One Stone
Big Picture Learning
Dina Ghobashy, Microsoft Senior Manager, Educational Leadership
Dan Tricarico, The Zen Teacher

Our education system of the past is outdated and no longer meets the students of today.

We are a passionate team of educators uniting to transform teaching and learning to empower students.

Pockets of greatness in education are happening in silos across the globe and we are the collective to unite leaders around best practices to meet the diverse needs of our students–today and in the future.

We create impactful models of education reform that you can replicate locally, eliminating the test-centric, content-focused educational model of today.


This collective unites passionate leaders who are creating models for true school reform. We are expert “in-the-trenches” educational innovators, sharing our experiences, challenges, and resources.

Our HOw

Create a grassroots movement of parents, community leaders, businesses, and educators demanding change for all learners, across all zip codes

Educate and leverage our collective networks to create this movement, take action and make real, education change and reform

Become influencers at the legislative and business levels to give voice to school reform

Provide a network for professional development, models, and examples of best practices 

Our team develops and showcases innovative educational frameworks focused on best practices instead of historical practices.

Our network community will serve as the think-tank focused on redefining education.


Our community members will broadcast innovation using podcasts, interviews, social media campaigns and more to share our passions with the broader community. Members will serve under a team leader on one of four teams:

Student-driven learning

Relational schools

Embedded DEI+SEL

Real-world learning and activism

EdActive…What’s our purpose?


Dismantling our US test- and content-driven secondary education model by June 2025

We are expert “in-the-trenches” educational innovators.

We are change-makers and innovators.

Our team develops and showcases innovative educational frameworks focused on best practice instead of historical practices